nick cook

I lived with a ghost
And a ghost lived with me
We tried to keep each other
To keep each other company

I could see right through them
They could see through me
Together we grew distant
We grew distant like a memory

They could see my heart
Though theirs was hidden deep
I learned to hide mine over time
And there it stays in sleep

Flesh and bone is all we are
With souls as light as feathers
It’s only our thoughts that keep us
For a short while bound together

The American

nick cook

I watched it running out of the clouds
A day full of rain
It reminded me of watching puddles in Baker Street
In the dark
On the bike
At the lights
A winter long ago
I forget her name
We spent the night together
The American and I

Sometimes ..

Sometimes I feel like a nobody
In world full of people being somebody
Sometimes I feel like a somebody
In a world full of people being nobody