March was a breeze,
with walks covered in mizzle.
For a heart beat I stood –
hearing the echo in my chest –
listening to the birds.

They sing whatever the weather.
They are such fine friends.

winters shadow

As pale as winters shadow I walk.
The broken soldiers of bracken guiding my path.
Creeping cold into my skin, I feel it freeze me to the bone,
and turn my back against it.

The scratching nails of rabbit feet touching granite
come to me; they think I didn’t notice.
Towering grey clouds pushing white before them,
bringing the rain.

The beat of a ravens wings overhead reminds of a song.
Stopping to listen, I hear only the North wind full of rain,
and head for home.
And always in my pocket, a white quartz stone.

Today I watched

Today I watched a shadow grow; strong and dark etched upon the road.
It lay there, the cold making my ears sing, while all around was barren.

And for a moment, I thought it was mine and hoped it would stay.
But the light failed, and consumed it.

And I was once again alone.

My ticket punched

My ticket punched, the journey began;
travelling from here to there.

Just the one way, no return on this voyage.

Moving slowly, we passed hopes and fears,
shattered comfort swapped for constraint.

Speeding up we pass broken dreams,
the hidden pains that were not spoken of.

Now at a good pace, we pass complacency and deceit,
blood and hopelessness pass us by.
We have been here before.

As we start to slow,
some find rest and arrival.
While others look back with hollow eyes

And now we stop,
each one leaving as they will;
some happy and content,
while others scream and twist in fear.

My ticket punched, the journey ended;
travelling from there to here.

And forever will I be

I found myself flying high,
the clouds shrouding the dirty world below.

And there for a moment was understanding,
a knowledge from within.

Listening, as my wings were lifted upon the currents,
still higher I ascended until there was no more.

And from there, I looked at the blackness above;
and below to the sun grazed clouds.

I let go
I am there still
And forever will I be

time to leave this house

It’s time to leave this house
all ragged and sore
I’ve lived here too long
it’s not me anymore

Though i laughed here once
it was a long time ago
Before the roof caved in
and i wanted to go

The rooms are all hidden
in the dirt and the dark
And somewhere inside here
the black eyed dog barks

If i can just find the way
i shall take it for sure
I shall leave this old  place
and deadlock the door

I’ll walk down the street
and look back just once more
To see where i lived
and what it’s all for

The shortest day

The shortest day
two cats, with staring eyes
and a hoover.

The shortest day
with grey rain, pale skies
an electric fire

The shortest day
half gone, half to go
a long night coming

The shortest day
lychee tea, chocolate
a comfy chair